What is a buffet without canapés? Canapées give a luxurious feel in the event's first hour. We create beautiful decorated canapées of the freshest ingredients. Choose your favorites from the list below or make your own suggestions along with your order

Smoked salmon, philadelphia with herbs, horseradish, red onion 20:-
Canapé with chèvre, arugula, walnut & honey 20:-
Roasted vegetable & herb cream 20:-
Parma ham and parmesan cream 20:-
Feta cheese stir flavored with sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto. 20:-
Skagen with caviar and chives. 20:-
Roast beef with remoulade 20:-
Smoked salmon with cream cheese flavored with chanterelles 20:-
Chicken, blue cheese cream, grilled pepper 20:-

12% VAT is added to all prices.