Classic Swedish Dishes


Do you want to serve a full menu at your event? Then you can choose from a wide variety of starters, main courses and desserts. We also offer classic Swedish dishes! If you need help with suggestions for good combinations of the dishes you are welcome to contact us. We provide professional advice and ensure that your event becomes a success!

To all dishes included mixed salad, bread & butter.


Potato Pancake with fried pork and lingon berries 99:-
Fried pork with onion sauce and boiled potatoes 99:-
Beef patty with red wine sauce, parsley butter, pickles and diced potatoes 99:-
Home rolled meatballs with pickled cucumber , cream sauce , cranberries and mashed potatoes 99:-
Lasagne al forno with beachamel & freshly grated grand padano 99:-
"Carpenter's Box" (sausage, bacon, leeks, red wine) served with mashed potatoes 99:-
Steamed cod with egg and parsley sauce. Served with boiled potatoes. 99:-
Swedish sausage with parsley creamed potato and pickled beetroots 99:-
Veal minced patty with chanterelle sauce, roasted root vegetables and lingonberry 99:-
Breaded fried plaice fillet with mayonnaise, shrimps, cooked vegetables and boiled potatoes 99:-
Herring with melted butter, pickled cucumber & mashed potatoes 99:-
Fish gratin with white wine sauce, hand peeled shrimps and asparagus tossed in butter. Served with Västerbotten cheese scented mashed potatoes. 99:-
Wild flesh stew with mixed mushrooms. Served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. 109:-
Moose patty served with Karljohan mushroom sauce, roasted root vegetables & lingonberries. 119:-
Wiener Schnitzel with anchovies, capers, red wine sauce & fried potatoes 119:-
Minimum order per dish is 20 pieces.
12% VAT is added to all prices.