Desserts & Pastries


Chocolate mousse with berries of the season topped with grated white chocolate. 39:-
Crumble cake of apple with vanilla sauce 45:-
Crumble cake of different kinds of berries served with vanilla sauce 45:-
White chocolate panacotta with berries of the season & almond biscoti 45:-
Chocolate cake with whipped cream 45:-
Tiramisu served in a glass 59:-
Brownie with white chocolate mousse and raspberries 59:-
American cheesecake flavored with white chocolate and blueberries 59:-
Chocolate cake served with whipped cream and physalis 59:-


12% VAT is added to all prices.

Do you want to serve a full menu at your event? Then you can choose from a wide variety of starters, main courses and desserts. If you need help with suggestions for good combinations of the dishes you are welcome to contact us. We provide professional advice and ensure that your event becomes a success!

Do you have a favorite dessert that you would like to serve? Get in touch with us! We can make it for you!


Chocolate balls 15:-
Cinnamon buns 18:-
Viennese bread 18:-
Brownie 18:-
Love cake (chocolate cake) 18:-
Petit four 18:-
American chocolate chip cookies 18:-
Carrot cake with glaze topping 25:-


12% VAT is added to all prices.