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Do you want to serve a full menu at your event? Then you can choose from a wide variety of starters, main courses and desserts. If you need help with suggestions for good combinations of the dishes you are welcome to contact us. We provide professional advice and ensure that your event becomes a success!

Accessories to main course:

Raw fried potatoes, fried potatoes, rosti potatoes (small fried potatoes), roasted root vegetables, potato gratin, root vegetable gratin, roasted baked potato wedges, boiled potatoes and rice.

All dishes include mixed salad, bread & butter

Wallenbergare with classic accessories, mashed potatoes , red wine sauce, peas & lingonberries 109:-
Pepper baked pork outer fillet with chanterelle sauce & garlic fried green beans and fried potatoes. 119:-
Roasted pork outer fillet with bearnaise sauce, tomato & arugula salad and roasted potato wedges. 119:-
Roasted fillet of pork with port wine sauce, browned mushrooms, steamed broccoli served with hasselback potatoes. 129:-
Roasted fillet of pork with Karljohan mushroom sauce and roasted root vegetables and potato cake flavored with Västerbotten cheese. 129:-
Herb & garlic marinated lamb steak with rosemary, garlic butter & potato gratin 129:-
Schweizer Schnitzel filled with Emmental cheese and smoked ham. Served with red wine sauce, peas and fried potatoes. 129:-
Fillet Mignon black & white with truffle gravy & chilibearnaise sauce. Served with tomato salad and fried potatoes. 139:-
Pepper steak with bacon & mushrooms in a cognac gravy. served with grilled tomato and potato gratin. 159:-
"Skomakarlåda" on "Black Angus" served with bacon, leeks in red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. 159:-
Roast Entrecote "Black Angus" with bourguignonne sauce, smoked bacon, pickled onions, mushrooms in red wine sauce with roasted potato wedges. 169:-
Rack of lamb marinated in garlic & herbs. Served with rosemary gravy, green beans and potato gratin. 179:-
Roast beef tenderloin served with red wine sauce, wrapped bacon, asparagus and potato gratin. 195:-
Roast beef tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce, green beans and grilled tomato. Served with potato cake flavored with Västerbotten cheese. 195:-
12% VAT is added to all prices.