Main Courses Poultry & Fish



Chicken fillet packed with mozzarella cheese & sundried tomatoes. with red wine sauce, tzatziki and roasted potato wedges.

Chili & lime glazed chicken with grilled chorizo ​​skewers with guacamole, tomato salsa and roasted potato wedges 109:-

Herb marinated chicken fillet with green peppercorn sauce with garlic fried green beans & raw fried potatoes

Bacon wrapped chicken with balsamic gravy and roasted vegetables and potato gratin 109:-
Herb marinated chicken with chanterelle sauce, grilled tomato and green beans 109:-
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Do you want to serve a full menu at your event? Then you can choose from a wide variety of starters, main courses and desserts. If you need help with suggestions for good combinations of the dishes you are welcome to contact us. We provide professional advice and ensure that your event becomes a success!

Accessories to main course:

Raw fried potatoes, fried potatoes, rosti potatoes (small fried potatoes), roasted root vegetables, potato gratin, root vegetable gratin, roasted baked potato wedges, boiled potatoes and rice.

All dishes included mixed salad, bread & butter.


Butter fried cod fillet with white wine sauce, shrimps, grilled asparagus, fried mushrooms served with dill boiled potatoes.

Lightly salted cod fillet with shrimps, half an egg, fresh grated horseradish, melted butter and mashed potatoes 119:-
Baked salmon fillet with green asparagus, crayfish, boiled potatoes & dill hollandaise sauce 119:-
Cajun spiced salmon fillet with mango salsa, guacamole & saffron scented basmati rice 119:-
Sea Wallenbergare (cod and salmon) cold caviar sauce, buttered peas and mashed potatoes 119:-
Saffron and curry fragrant fish stew (salmon, cod, shrimps, crayfish) served with aioli and garlic bread. 119:-
12% VAT is added to all prices.